Work From Home


As Work From Home 🏠 becomes the new normal, criminals are drowning in new targets.

Before⏪: Attackers could use home computers and networks to gather information and potentially get access to your work devices.

Now ▶️: Attackers are closer to your workplace’s sensitive data than ever.

Case in point: 📶 D-Link routers 📶 have a vulnerability that opens your router up the zero-day attacks, and the company has no plans to fix one of them.

So what does this mean for you?

❌ It means that you shouldn’t sit back and assume that you’re safe, or that someone will take care of it for you.

✅ The key is to be proactive. Form a strategy to protect your information.

Don’t wait until your cyber problems are out of control. Reach out to set up cybersecurity solutions that protect your network.

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