Why do we need Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute?

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You are an IT Pro and with your custom-built hybrid environment, you’re used to make the Impossible, Possible. Lightning fast wrap-up times, amazing flexibility, Enterprise-grade security and savings to boot.

As private as you’ve made your hybrid environment, couldn’t it be a little more “Private”?

With Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, you get our own private connection to Azure. ExpressRoute is a connection that bypasses the internet and connecting your infrastructure to Azure Data-centers, So Azure acts like your own Private Cloud. We might remember the concepts of VPN here.

There are two ways to establish your private connection to Azure:

  • The first way is to connect at an Exchange provider facility. If you’re already using an Exchange provider colocation facility, you can directly connect to Azure. Of Course, you can also work with your network service provider to establish a connection between your On-premise Site and Azure at an Exchange provider location
  • The second way is to add a direct connection using your existing WAN provided by a network service provider. In this case, Azure just appears as another site on your WAN and no matter how you choose to connect, ExpressRoute builds an additional circuit for redundancy, for an experience you won’t get anywhere else.

No matter how you consume technology, ExpressRoute can work easily for you. In fact, Microsoft would coordinate directly with your network provider. Express route delivers throughput that’s a hundred times faster than before, nearly 10 Gb/s.

So, now you’re up and running with ExpressRoute that is Super Secure, low latencies, higher throughput than ever and reliability you can set your watch by. This way Azure ExpressRoute acts as your own Private Connection.

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