What Is Cloud Computing? How Does Cloud Computing Work?


The term “cloud” when we’re talking about telecommunication or computing, is not new. The modern term ‘cloud’ is a metaphor for the Internet. Either cloud symbols are frequently used to illustrate the Internet on diagrams. The Internet works as a virtual ‘space’ that connects users from all over the world like a cloud. It spreads information by the various ways of network systems.

What are the different types of cloud computing for business?

Cloud computing services can mean many various things today, but there are three main departments of cloud computing services. You might have heard about these services or use them already for business purposes;

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS), for example – sibergen.com.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

How does SIBERGEN Technologies assist you?

Our Cloud-based services & Consulting solutions are specially customized to make your work easy, resolving issues like data storage problems, as our cloud storage can be effectively limitless. You can store a huge amount of data through it. Even though you can use cloud databases for your organizational structured data, you can also attain everything into additional processing using AI for greater business insights.

SIBERGEN’s Cloud computing vs. traditional web hosting

  • Clients can utilize large amounts of computing power according to business needs.
  • We provide flexible, accessible, and scalable managed IT computing and consulting services.
  • End users can spin up compute resources with our services and get capabilities.
  • We provide discounts on every single service, now enjoy great facilities with low cost.
  • Our certified experts never left clients & developers in the dark.
  • We assist 24/7 with support for our valuable customers.

Managing Cloud Computing Services With SIBERGEN Technologies

SIBERGEN Technologies’ up-to-date cloud telecommunication provides a substitute, with managed solutions for synthesizing multiple clouds on a single management plane with a multiple set of tools. We work as a leading partner to assist enterprises that are looking to successfully deploy and maintain hybrid cloud environments, SIBERGEN Technologies provides a platform with comprehensive Consulting and Integration solutions.


Click the links given below to go to SIBERGEN’s website:

  • Microsoft Azure Consulting Services
  • 24/7 Help Desk Services
  • Migrate to Microsoft Office 365
  • Managed IT Staffing Services
  • Data Center Power Management
  • Power BI Consulting services

IS SIBERGEN Technologies better than competitors?

Industry-leading partner SIBERGEN assists outline improvement against security issues customarily inside the hands of cloud specialist co-ops. Furthermore, customers ought to be certain that any end-client paraphernalia and organizations are essential. SIBERGEN technologies use these assets to integrate infrastructure and applications like workers, data sets, network systems administration, and monitoring.

How Else Does ‘The Cloud’ Make Work Easier?

Our other cloud-based services & IT integration solutions include cloud hosting and server monitoring, offered by SIBERGEN Technologies. You can see PaaS in action with the managed cloud phone service, which offers a cloud PBX phone services environment. Another opulent feature of our services is that you can do free video conference calls, for anyone at any time, without the use of traditional software.

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