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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a next-generation telephone service that converts your voice into a digital signal transmitted via the internet. Despite being tailored for IP Phones, VOIP is flexible enough to operate on traditional phones connected to special adapters, as well as your computer.

There are different types of VOIP services, but those engineered on internal networks and IP PBX are the most suitable for a business telephony system. VOIP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is engineered with the capability of not only connecting internal calls but also routing external calls to the desired destination.

Flexible pricing options and cost efficiency

You only pay for what you use. With our hosted PBX, you minimize on-premise hardware installations and eliminate the need to maintain idle telecommunication systems. This helps you eliminate significant initial capital investments.

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Enjoy maximum uptime

Since our VOIP PBX is hosted in the cloud, you are guaranteed to enjoy seamless communication even in the event of a disaster or emergency. The days of expensive onsite PBX servers are over. Cloud or hybrid PBX offers flexibility, cost saving, and rich features that will impress you. Book a free 1 hour consultation with one of our VOIP experts today to see how we can transform and improve your business phone system.

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