The Internet of Things

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What is Internet Of things “may be the obvious first question that pops up into the mind of a person at first glance, when one is about to read an article on it or planning to run a research on the topic. The answer is pretty straight forward. One can directly derive the meaning of the concept from the words constituting it quite literally. ‘Internet of things’ is basically a network of things, embedded systems to be more precise, following some standardized communication protocols to facilitate the interoperability between themselves or wherever they are programmed to communicate with. This property allows us to consume the advantage of networked control to a ‘thing’, connected to the internet of things. That means we need not be physically present within reach of the device to reap the benefits of it, which can serve as a huge help.

To ensure the correctness of operation and authenticity, we need to identify each item in the internet of things specifically. For that and internet connectivity purposes an embedded computing system is usually positioned inside the ‘things’ which make a thing in our Internet of things unique. This can add an answer to the first question that arose in mind: “What is Internet of Things?” which is a unique addressable network-controlled device that can carry out an action. The terms IoT and Internet of everything are also synonymously used. It is roughly estimated that the expected count of the things in the Internet of things will reach 50 billion by 2020.

Kevin Ashton put forward the word IoT in 1999, which gained much popularity for the time to come. Apart from the question “What is Internet Of things “, another question which comes to mind naturally is “What can it offer?”. It intends to offer advanced connectivity prospects, more than just serving as a mere medium of physical connection.

As that we have found answers to “What is Internet Of things “, and what it can offer, we can move forward and present the key areas where application of Internet of things become productive. They are

  • Smart Grid
  • Smart City
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Intelligent shopping sites
  • Home security systems automation

We can also generally say that Internet of Things can actually be of huge help in collecting data from those areas where human intervention involves high risk.

Now let’s dive into little history and take a reference. The first device in this category was installed in a modified Coke machine at Carnegie Mellon University, even before the answer to the question “What is Internet Of things “became very clearPopularization of the concept was throughAuto-Id, MIT market analysis publications. The consequence or the impact it made was very visible: It transformed the daily life.

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