The Advantages of Cloud Computing

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Cloud Storage has made a name for itself in this past decade as one of the most efficient and reliable services used to maintain, manage and back up data remotely. In this modern age even the simplest of tasks have found themselves dependent on technology; so, it is expected that an enormous range of corporations, from small businesses to international companies, have realized the importance of data control and storage. When it comes to computing assistances – such as technical analysis, databases, software, protection against spyware/viruses, remote support, and many other applications – as well as a gained aggressive advantage over outdated systems, Cloud adoption continues to prove itself as the most dependable option for businesses. The migration to Cloud services is larger than ever!

The question left to ask is: Why are Cloud Technologies so widely popular?

Here are just a few examples explaining the benefits of Cloud Services.

Savings Cost

Operating expenditures can often be reduced when businesses transfer to Cloud Technologies. There are no upfront or initial investments needed when migrating to the cloud, all technical needs will be organized and managed by a cloud service provider. No need to set up datacenters or hire IT specialists to operate and maintain an infrastructure. Further savings stem from the lack of internal power usually needed to store data on-site, along with a pay-as-you-go structure that allows you to be in control of how much space is needed without extra charge.

Security and Loss Prevention

A main concern when keeping data somewhere that can be remotely accessed (the Cloud) are the steps taken to keep cyber criminals from accessing your files, programs, etc. Security monitoring is a full time commitment for Cloud hosts, which is unquestionably more effective than on-site systems. 94% of businesses say there was a seen improvement in security after implementing Cloud solutions and Dell reports companies that invest in big data, Cloud mobility and security enjoy up to 53% faster revenue growth than competitors, without the worry of computerized crime!

Mobility and Flexibility

Corporate data from the Cloud is allowed access through mobile devices (like the widely popular smartphone) which is a notable feature used to ensure everyone can stay involved. Remote, freelance or even traveling employees can easily and efficiently access information through the Cloud due to its valued ability to instantly meet business demands.

Through IT hosting, management and infrastructure, there is no need to worry about tech solutions absorbing time and energy to computer data related issues! You should be concentrating on business objectives and customers without the hassle. The flexibility of a Cloud-based foundation goes beyond what any local server can provide. An all-in-one IT shop, such as SIBERGEN Technologies, can manage services and technology solutions where everything is tailored to best fit your business needs.

Insight and Increased Collaboration

Most Cloud computing solutions offer complete integrated analytics for a better overall evaluation of your data. Customizable reports and tracking processes can be built and applied to further appraise information throughout the entire corporation. Capability, performance and productivity are a few efficiencies that can be expanded using these Cloud-based insights.

Collaboration and team building are what unify a company to help reach its fullest potential. A migration to Cloud computing makes working with your team a smooth and straightforward process. Information can be viewed and shared by employees to help make teamwork and participation a breeze; many cloud-based platforms even implement collective social spaces where connectivity and conversation between employees can thrive.

Competitive Advantage

An adoption of Cloud computing gives your company the upper hand in enterprise-class services, which allows smaller businesses to unify their infrastructure and further rattle the market. Verizon recently released a study sharing 77% of companies feel as though using Cloud technologies gives them some competitive advantage over competitors who no not, and a good 16% concluded this improvement to be “significant”.


Migration to the Cloud is environmentally friendly and proactive; while many other benefits of computing seek to help further your business, it is worth noting the sizable decrease in your company’s carbon footprint if you were to make the switch. If you need to raise or lower your use of the Cloud, server scopes calibrate to fit the needs of your business best, meaning the only energy used is what you need. Virtual services cut down the need of tangible products, such as paper waste and appliances, lowering computer emanation and further developing energy efficiency!

Haven’t Adopted the Cloud Yet?

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