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Teams, the primary client for intelligent communication in Office 365, is slowly replacing Skype for Business as a popular collaboration tool for groups among many businesses. The latter presents several hurdles, especially when communicating with specific groups, creating the need for team leaders and members to utilize more than one portfolio to keep track of their team’s progress on a particular project.

SIBERGEN provides 24/7 management and maintenance of your Microsoft Teams portfolio. We ensure that your chat and collaboration, productivity apps, and services, among an assortment of other tools, function.

Additionally, we understand that collaboration platforms such as Teams face security exposures that your internal IT experts might not be prepared to handle. That is why we have workable security strategies in place for you that proactively monitor guest access, end users, plug-in apps, and data sharing to ensure that the security and privacy of your Teams portfolio remain protected.

We create migration plans from various collaboration platforms to Teams

The decision to migrate from Skype for Business (or any other collaboration platform) to Teams as a business is faced with several complexities, especially in terms of the most appropriate migration method to adopt for the transition between the two collaboration platforms.

To cater to your migration needs, we have our team of experienced consultants ready to lead you through the planning and implementation process of the most suitable migration strategy for your organization.

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Gain more insights with our analytics solutions for Teams

To optimize the performance of your Teams platform, we have a set of analytics tools that monitor, analyze, troubleshoot, and remedy your teams’ infrastructure in case any performance issues arise.

Our analytics solutions cover:

  • Voice performance and health analytics for teams: We collect and analyze voice data from your Team’s platform to detect and troubleshoot any arising unified communications issues affecting your organization.
  • Guest access: We ensure that only the right people access your teams, channels, and data by monitoring and controlling the trends of your external users.
  • Workplace analytics for teams: We monitor, analyze, and report on the workplace utilization of your Team’s platforms to increase efficiency, identify the need for training and sensitization programs, and improve the overall productivity of your teams.

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