Is your business on MS Teams? If not, it probably should be.

Microsoft Teams has really changed the landscape on how companies communicate, this tool has revolutionized the meaning of collaboration. At SIBERGEN we use Teams as our primary collaboration tool and have had success deploying this solution for the majority of our clients. Team is one of Microsoft Flagship products for this decade and they continue to improve on the tool. With MS Teams, companies can now quickly communicate in real time, host on demand video sessions,share files, pass control to their screen, even replace their current PBX with E5 VOIP options. Our team of developers takes it a step further by tapping into the API’s available in MS Teams to interconnect phone systems and critical business applications.

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Ready to migrate to Microsoft Teams?

Our team of certified MS Teams engineers can architect and implement a smooth transition to MS Teams from your current IM platform. The anywhere / anytime access of Teams makes it quick and easy to collaborate effectively with your coworkers. Call us today for a free consultation on transitioning to MS Teams.  We specialize in Microsoft Teams migrations.

Ready to move to Microsoft Teams?

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Use analytics to gain visibility into the MS Teams technology

To optimize the performance of your Teams platform, we can implement the analytics tools that monitor, analyze, troubleshoot, and remedy your teams’ infrastructure in case any performance issues arise.

Our analytics solutions cover:

  • Voice performance and health analytics for teams: We collect and analyze voice data from your Team’s platform to detect and troubleshoot any arising unified communications issues affecting your organization.
  • Guest access: We ensure that only the right people access your teams, channels, and data by monitoring and controlling the trends of your external users.
  • Workplace analytics for teams: We monitor, analyze, and report on the workplace utilization of your Team’s platforms to increase efficiency, identify the need for training and sensitization programs, and improve the overall productivity of your teams.

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