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The modern business environment is a data-driven sphere. The most successful businesses have always relied on some form of data for informed decision making. Apart from decision making, other motivations behind different data storage solutions include:

  • Government regulations that require enterprises to maintain and backup data for a given period
  • The prevalence of viruses, ransomware, and spyware that have set companies to seek more vigilant data storage and backup solutions
  • The need to store varies types of large-capacity files and make them available to users over a network

Whatever reasons you have for storing and backing up data, SIBERGEN and Dell have you covered with flexible data storage options that will take you from insights to innovation.

Software-defined storage

Making storage resources programmable, thus enabling storage to be an integral part of a larger SDDC (software-defined data center), offers flexibility, efficiency, and faster scalability. That is why we offer you storage options that allow abstraction of data storage resources from the underlying hardware.

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Data protection

To secure your data, we have you covered with modern protection storage for small, medium, and large enterprise data centers. Our data protection editions are flexible and can be deployed to achieve backup, archive, and disaster recovery in onsite and cloud IT environments.

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