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Sibergen is partnering with Star2Star to provide you with world-class unified communications solutions

To accomplish our goal of delivering world-class unified communications solutions to our clients, we rely heavily on Star2Star, who acts as an extension to our targets. Regardless of whether you are a small, mid-sized, or large company, we have got you covered with the world’s most complete full-spectrum UC solution that captures:

  • StarCloud: This is pure cloud communications solutions that come with zero-hardware options. Offering your business exceptional quality, flexibility, and support. Notably, StarCloud focuses on a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate on different user interface platforms.
  • StarCloud+: StarCloud+ provides a complete suite of advanced UC features detailed with innovative cloud architecture. The package comes with built-in advanced unified communications features such as HD voice call clarity, multi-location ring groups, softphone and home office extensions, line pooling & bursting, and much more.
  • Starcenter: Starcenter offers your business advanced call routing, management, and reporting functionalities. With the solution, you have access to an at-glance view of your call center metrics, real-time queue and agent performance metrics, and summary reports that simplify the data collected on your call center for informed decision making.
  • StarPaaS: To help overcome your unique UC business challenges, StarPaaS has an extensive catalog detailed with 150+ connectors designed to integrate specific UC functionalities into your telephony installation. These connectors include Microsoft Office 365, Trello, zendesk, Jira, and much more.
  • A complete suite of advanced unified communication features: Including voice, chat, mobile, fax, and much more.

We have numerous phone options to impress you!

We offer a wide variety of phone options from widely recognized manufacturers such as Panasonic and VTech capable of providing you with superb voice quality. Plus we install a Star appliance at each of your locations, for superb traffic shaping and crystal clear call quality.

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We expand functionality while reducing costs

Through our collaboration with Star2Star, we guarantee you unmatched quality and reliability of your telephony systems through continuous monitoring of your systems and 24/7 NOC monitoring support. All these are coupled up with flexible pricing options that cut on your budget.

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