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Associations are confronting a few difficulties – a stoppage of creation, droop inefficiency, incapable group cooperation, and correspondence and innovation issues to give some examples. Above all, there is a tremendous vulnerability approaching over the finish of the continuous pandemic. The pandemic is staying put for a long time until it is finished control or an antibody is created. Presently, while the bosses and representatives are prepared for the present COVID 19 change in workplaces, working environment security is a key test and concern. 93% of all representatives are worried about continuing on-location work because of fears about their wellbeing and security according to the discoveries of a study embraced. Managers are in total agreement, with 71% of associations putting the wellbeing of representatives as a top business need as featured in a ‘Worldwide Survey COVID-19: Impact on Business’ led by leader research firm EMA Partners across 25 nations.

Because of COVID-19, we realize that numerous independent ventures are changing following new difficulties like teleworking. That is the reason we are here to assist with our Small Business Teleworking Video Series. In it, we go over the basics that independent ventures need to succeed while telecommuting. Our IT specialists will give suggestions to the best teleworking programming just as answer normal IT questions. In addition, in case you are an entrepreneur or IT chief who needs more help, you can plan a teleworking discussion for nothing.

Make IT easy with us during a pandemic

Covid-19 has affected different companies in a way they adapt to the changes. We have all the requirements needed for your business to succeed virtually.

Our five teleworking goals that every small business must have:

  • Find a trusted cloud service provider
  • Establish information security
  • Prepare for IT issues with help desk support
  • Track key metrics for business success
  • Stay on top of IT trends

Benefits of using our services during Pandemic

It is essential to manage your business from home. Your employees and team must have easy and safe access to your files; you need a trusted cloud service provider.  Some of the most important cloud service providers include Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. There are many advantages of migrating to cloud storage such as lower cost, security prevention, and increased flexibility. It is crucial to establish information security and to implement software such as VPN, firewalls, and antiviruses in your business to stay secure. Companies with managed security services assist you in keeping your data and files secure. SIBERGEN Technologies provide full 24/7 services to its customers with the flexibility of upscaling and downscaling based on your current account and infrastructure. A team of IT professionals can work with you on a project-to-project basis to implement tools for the success of the business. Because of the emergence of new trends, it has become easier to work from home. 

In uncertain times like these, adapting to change can be a daunting task. We, at SIBERGEN technologies, help you with these tasks and help your company achieve its goals.

When working from home, it is important to access your files outside the office. After the breakout of Covid-19, it is not practical or safe to go to the office; remote access solutions can be very beneficial. Remote access solutions allow you to access your files from anywhere.

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