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When it comes to protecting your company’s data, you need proven experts to safeguard your information. At SIBERGEN, the protection of your data is our #1 concern and we employ the top security experts to ensure the best defenses are deployed. Our CISSP certified engineers will ensure that all of your data is safe and secure.

This golden era of digital transformation has seen businesses, both large and small, suffer from sophisticated cyber attacks. In a 2019 study published by the Ponemon Institute, 66 percent of small and medium-sized businesses worldwide reported cyber attacks within that past year.

With attempts to access your systems and compromise your security being so common, you cannot afford to leverage poor cybersecurity practices. This is costly both in terms of finances and time.

A unique approach to your security needs


Our team of brilliant cybersecurity professionals not only have broad experience in dealing with the most cunning cybercriminals but also think like hackers. The latter is an added advantage, as it allows us to better recognize the vulnerable spots in your digital assets.

At SIBERGEN, we have high-threat research tools coupled with high-value security solutions such as security testing, anti-malware, and network access control.

We understand that not all businesses face the same form of threats or have the same security goals and needs. That is why we offer customized security solutions that cater to your business. Our team of experts takes the time to understand the entire environment of your IT architecture, investing in the right paradigms for fighting potential and arising threats.

Don’t let costly cyber attacks affect your business

Managed Security Services

Since the bad guys never sleep, we offer 24/7 x 365 days of coverage that monitors threats. Consequently, to ensure business continuity and minimize downtime, we proactively deal with security threats and incidences as they arise.

At SIBERGEN, we believe that no business deserves a casual solution to their security problems. That is why we are always ready to go out of our way to ensure our customers understand the necessary tools required to meet their specific security challenges.

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