What do Cloud Computing Services Mean to You?

Simply put, it is the flexibility to deliver applications, information, or resources to your locations in a safe, secure manner. Sibergen is an expert at private, public, and hybrid-cloud. We have been delivering private cloud computing solutions for over 10 years – leveraging the power of the internet to fulfill our clients’ computing needs across their various locations. In fact, Sibergen delivered “Cloud Computing” before the term was coined.


Private Means Private

Sibergen’s nationwide Service Delivery Centers provide safe and secure environments for any industry while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements. Cloud computing consulting with Sibergen is flexible enough to help you meet your objectives the way you want.

Our goal is to offer you the best possible cloud computing consulting and solution, one that fits your needs and budget.

Sibergen Cloud Computing Services & Solutions


Unified Virtual Data Center

Companies looking to get out of the business of owning and maintaining their own IT infrastructure turn to Sibergen’s nationwide Service Delivery Centers, IT resources, and expertise in virtualization and cloud computing to reduce CAPEX. Sibergen offers flexible delivery service models, such as shared and dedicated hosting and private, public, or hybrid clouds, with enhanced service levels and operational efficiency for its customers

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning: Data Backup, Recovery, and Replication

Sibergen can help implement a sensible and cost-effective business continuity plan to safeguard your systems and data in the event an interruption occurs. Through cloud-based disaster recovery, Sibergen can have your business back online in a matter of minutes. By combining real-time data replication, secure data storage, and the quick-restore capabilities of disaster recovery solutions, Sibergen brings your business the reliable, scalable data storage it needs and the ability to recover from business disruptions large and small.

Desktop Virtualization

Sibergen helps customers implement a desktop virtualization model, allowing them to significantly reduce their desktop acquisition, operating, and management costs. Sibergen can deploy personalized virtual desktops as a service from a cloud computing virtualization platform built to deliver the entire desktop, including the operating system, applications, and data, thus enabling desktop administrators to increase control while reducing the total cost of desktop ownership.

Cloud Computing Virtualization: Virtual Application Development

Sibergen’s virtual application development services allow developers to customize a real world environment in any of our nationwide Service Delivery Centers, which include a virtual private data center, connectivity, client configuration, security, and recovery testing. The customized configuration enables developers to model and optimize their software development storage environment.