Enterprise cloud infrastructure

Sibergen Secure Cloud℠ is a self-service cloud infrastructure, built to meet the dynamic needs of your business, whether short or long term. Built on VMware vCloud and Cisco Powered™ technology and accessed through the Sibergen Secure Cloud Console℠, Sibergen Secure Cloud is designed to support a variety of workloads, disaster recovery, and compliance needs.

Cloud shouldn’t be a trade-off between security and flexibility. Now, you can extend the rigor of your on-premise security and compliance practices into the Sibergen Secure Cloud, without compromising control, visibility, or auditability.

At Sibergen, we believe the cloud should be hassle-free, regardless of expertise, location or business objective.

Intuitive management

Sibergen Secure Cloud is more than IaaS or Cloud Hosting – it is an enterprise hosting platform deployed globally and managed through our award-winning Sibergen Secure Cloud Console. With Sibergen Secure Cloud, you can easily manage all of your virtual data center resources such as compute, storage and complex networking, view detailed performance information, restore from backups, replicate data to other Sibergen secure clouds, access billing information and more.

The Sibergen Secure Cloud console is updated and released on a weekly basis, ensuring that you are getting the latest innovations and user-driven enhancements to streamline your cloud experience.

Comprehensive, integrated security

The Sibergen Secure Cloud platform security features include:

  • Role-based access control
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Available VM encryption
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Antivirus/anti-malware
  • Integrity monitoring
  • Deep-packet inspection for intrusion detection and more
  • Detailed firewall and log events
  • Encryption at-rest
  • Storage-based encryption

Further, through our management console, customers have access to on-demand reporting and alerting for security and compliance, smoothing the path to completing audits.

Best of breed technologies

With nearly a decade of cloud experience, Sibergen curates a complete cloud offering that brings together state of the art technologies – both hardware and software – to support your enterprise workloads.

Consistent, reliable performance

Nobody wants noisy neighbors. In many clouds, the workloads that may share a hypervisor or server with you can infringe upon your space and your speed. And, with the flexibility of those platforms, new neighbors can come and go all the time. But most customers need consistent performance from their cloud, day in and day out.
So we built our secure cloud with an operating environment that ensures you are insulated from them. All the resources you reserve are yours. They’re not oversubscribed, so irrespective of the behavior of others in the environment, your performance will never be impacted.

Transparent pricing

Within the Sibergen Secure Cloud Console, customers have unparalleled transparency into cloud resources and costs. Easily spot and remedy misaligned resources, and forecast your cloud costs before month-end with predictive billing capabilities.

We offer three straightforward pricing options to ensure you can optimize cloud costs: Pay-As-You-Go; Reservation; and Reservation with Burst Capacity. Each is fully transparent within the console, enabling you to see detailed metrics on the utilization and cost of your global cloud footprint in 20 second intervals.

Disaster recovery – in the cloud, for the cloud

Driven by regulatory requirements, operational best practices, or peace of mind, many companies want to extend the protection of disaster recovery to their cloud workloads as well as their on-premise systems.

To meet that need, Sibergen has available cloud-to-cloud DRaaS that can replicate and failover between Sibergen secure cloud locations while preserving data sovereignty requirements. It’s the best of our lauded DRaaS service and our industry-leading cloud.

Our in-house compliance team

The often-confusing domain of providing audit documentation, interpreting regulatory requirements and answering security questions has led many to shy away from cloud usage.

Sibergen’s in-house compliance team is accredited and ready to support you in the following ways:

  • Supporting your regulatory audits by providing access to our certified team, in areas such as SOC2, HIPAA, NIST, FEDRAMP, ISAE 3402, ISO 27001 or any audit you need
  • Navigating our detailed on-demand reporting
  • Providing on-site tours or visits to our facilities
  • Providing guidance from the sales process through on-boarding and into your audit cycles.
  • Alignment with your audit controls and requirements.

Expertly supported

You’re not alone with our cloud. Our 24×7 support team is available by phone, email, and ticketing system to address your questions – large and small. That begins with our seamless onboarding process through to your ongoing operations – for customers large and small.

Sibergen understands that technical questions represent time and money to our enterprise customers, so we strive to resolve issues rapidly with our committed technical team in each region.

Detailed reporting

To meet your compliance needs and to demonstrate strong security controls, Sibergen provides detailed reporting as part of our own industry-leading management console, the Sibergen Secure Cloud Console.

With reports on malware detection, event histories and more presented in an easily consumable graphical layout, you can be confident you’ll have the information to support your audit.