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We cater to the priority needs of small to enterprise grade MSPs

To succeed as a managed services provider, you need to prioritize clients’ issues appropriately, aligning the right resources and response time to them depending on their severity.

As an extension of your MSP operations, we offer five levels of priority customized to your standards and customer requirements. These include:

  • Priority One Support: Anything that would immediately halt the operations of your clients, for example, complete server downtime, thus demanding a rapid response time is addressed under our priority one service level. Our team of skilled IT experts with proven experience is committed to solving priority one issues in less than 4 hours from the time of their occurrence and are available 24/7 x 365 days a year.
  • Priority Two Support: This class of arising issues does not entirely disrupt a business’ operations but hamper multiple workflow processes within an organization. For example, a part of the cloud broad network access can drive down rendering utilization of some SaaS or data-related functionalities impossible. With the help of our engineers, priority issues are solved in less than 24 hours.
  • Priority Three Support: Sometimes, IT snags can hit one or a few individuals, thus affecting their ability to perform their tasks. For example, an individual’s endpoint devices can turn unresponsive to the organization’s network, locking his or her access to critical tools needed to accomplish various roles. Our team of experts is ready to troubleshoot such cases and address them within the minimum time frame possible as per your guidelines.

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Any proactive measures deemed at optimizing a client’s IT infrastructure uptime are categorized into priority four and five support. These are tasks that are not motivated by any disruptions in the IT infrastructure. Asset management duties such as testing of existing hardware and software or the installation of new hardware are priority four/five demands.

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Uphold your high standards by avoiding “first come, first serve” model of service delivery

Whether your clients are small companies made of between two to ten employees or multi-nationals characterized by hundreds of employees, they all need their IT-related issues addressed as soon as they are detected or reported. With our priority support for MSPs, we let you avoid putting your client’s critical issues on hold, focusing on the most straightforward tasks, or having to favor customers in a rush by giving them preferential treatments. We let you uphold your standards as you efficiently and simultaneously address all your clients’ needs.

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