Hire Award-Winning Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services For Your Business

We’ll develop the right BI strategy, architect, and implement the necessary infrastructure. With 10+ years of experience, we shall transform your hidden business data into rich visuals and interactive dashboards.

Microsoft Power Bi Consulting Services
Microsoft Power Bi Consulting Services

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The Power Bi Platform Lets You Visualize Any Data On A Single Dashboard With A Greater Level Of Speed

The data-intensive nature of businesses puts business intelligence at the core of success. Microsoft has made great efforts to ensure that software products such as Power BI are rich in functionality, with similar usability, and fully compatible.

SIBERGEN Technologies has been providing leading Power BI Consulting Services for more than 10 years to the world’s renowned organizations. In this area, we offer expert developers with the expertise and knowledge to help organizations uncover insights hidden in their data and boost data exploration.

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Why Do You Need Power BI Consulting For Your Business?

When data is not organized and presented well, it might look unattractive and unperceptive. If you can’t see the whole picture of your business, then you’re probably unsure if you’re focusing on the right priorities. You probably cannot immediately see and understand trends from your data. Power BI is an easy-to-use and highly flexible tool that requires insignificant training on the users’ part.

With the Microsoft Power BI consultation, you can make meaningful and data-driven decisions while building smart dashboards & reports using data visualization and analytics. Instead of having your data scattered across spreadsheets, software, and organizations, your data will be organized visually on one screen.

Power BI development and implementation

At Sibergen Technologies, we offer Power BI implementation services for efficient data center exploration, dashboards, visualization, business reporting and self-service analytics. Our Power BI consultants and developers use their expertise to create visualization and reporting solutions that enable users to create, collaborate and benefit from analytics insights.

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Outstanding Benefits of Hiring Our Power BI Services for Your Business


Here is a list of some outstanding and effective benefits of Power BI Software.

  • Power BI is an inexpensive tool as compared to other business tools
  • Microsoft Power BI is intuitive and easy to use
  • Back up your decisions with verifiable data
  • Use drag-and-drop to create your ad-hoc reports.
  • Do away with fragmented and costly BI technologies
  • Power BI doesn’t require specialized technical support since it offers agile inquiry and analysis
  • Empower your entire organization with self-service business intelligence
  • With the handy Q&A feature, get direct answers to your questions

Apart from these benefits, IT management integrates easily with your current business environment and provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. More than 200,000 organizations use Power BI, which has over 5 million subscribers. Since the start of the program, the online community has grown significantly, where members share ideas on building dashboards.

Integrate Power BI with leading platforms to harness incredible data value

Few of the custom Power BI solutions implemented

Sales Reporting

BI dashboard report gives a quick update on sales at any time, from anywhere. This solution ensures seamless sharing of sales report within the organization or clients.

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Facility Monitoring

With Power BI dashboard reporting, get real-time insights of a building. Facility managers can remotely monitor different equipment like HVAC systems, elevators and more. This in turn helps in saving energy.

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Fleet Management

A real-time dashboard for better road safety, ETA optimization, and better routing to calibrate driving behavior parameters.

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IoT Dashboard

A real-time interactive dashboard that shows IoT-enabled devices and API call counts as well as their states.

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Retail Management

A dashboard for monthly customer footfall and beacon-based interactions along with peak hours traffic.

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SIBERGEN – One of the Most Committed Microsoft Power BI Consulting Companies

Why You Should Choose SIBERGEN?

It is clear that there are a ton of companies to choose from when selecting a Power BI Solutions provider. SIBERGEN Technologies helps enterprises in designing and provisioning visualizations to help you gain a competitive edge by leveraging innovative data visualizations.

By managing risks and helping you build confidence in your technology systems, we can help you reduce costs and improve productivity. Our IT engineers with exemplary technical knowledge in using the latest software standards are always on hand to help you in any way.

We have a strong legacy of Microsoft technologies with a partnership spanning over a decade allowing us to inculcate a data-driven approach with insights at the forefront. Through effective communication and best practices, we provide cost-effective business intelligence solutions with minimal timelines.