Our Technology

Our Company Vision

Information Technology continues to evolve and advance at an accelerated pace, which is what makes this field so exciting and challenging. Our visionhas always been to stay on top of the latest technological advancements and incorporate this approach into our core Managed IT Services strategy. We are seeing a shift in how companies are viewing IT, and a comprehensive cloud strategy is now becoming a common tactical plan for most of our clients. By leveraging the latest cloud technology advancements [Azure / AWS platforms, for example] we are able to drive down the monthly IT spend for companies, streamline their existing infrastructure and optimize their operations and investment.


Security is the corner stone of all of our technical designs

Another area that sets us apart from other IT Providers is our security-centric approach to all of our cloud and on-premise designs, where we deploy layers of alerting and protection on the perimeter and run Nessus vulnerability scans to quickly detect and remove any threats.

We recommend companies that outsource their IT Services verify the proper security framework that has been put in place to ensure their data is truly protected and recoverable. Global ransomware, data breaches, and DDoS attacks are escalating at an alarming pace. Multi-layer perimeter defenses are no longer a “nice to have”; they should now be part of any company’s IT security strategy. Also, the ability to roll back from a Ransomware event is critical and should be tested at least quarterly. These fundamental core principles are part of the reason for our rapid growth and expansion in the IT Services sector.

We only choose the top technical experts in the field

Our engineer selection process if designed to locate the very best technical talent in the industry. Most of our engineers have 15 to 20 years enterprise class experience. Our cloud division consists of Azure and AWS architects with proven design and implementation experience. Our company culture promotes growth and certifications and all of our engineers are working towards their next certification at any given time.


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