Company History

We are very proud of our story and the timeline below reflects some of the milestone accomplishments that SIBERGEN has seen in the past 8 years. Our number one core value has always been exceptional customer service, and although our technical side of the company is excellent, we never forget the most important asset, which is our customers. With SIBERGEN you get alot more than just an IT Service company, you get a dedicated IT partner that is committed to keeping your IT spend down, and helping you grow your business. It is this attitude the continues tto propel us forward in the area of Managed IT Services and IT consulting solutions.

Find out what sets us apart from other IT Service providers

At SIBERGEN, we like to constantly raise the bar and set the standards for all of our engineers. You can feel the difference when we transition management of your network to our professionals. Response time is in minutes, not hours. Security and IT Management are run with the highest standards, so customer satisfaction is high.

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