Our Culture


We are all about collaboration, positive reinforcement and goal setting to ensure we are all moving forward and advancing ourselves and the company as a whole. At SIBERGEN, we believe in a progressive work environment that is relaxed but focused, allowing our employees to grow personally and professionally. You will often see us all at planned team events, get togethers after work, or even at a baseball tournament to shake things up a bit.

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People Matter

At SIBERGEN, our people matter. We are selective in the hiring process, and once onboard, you become part of the SIBERGEN family. We are all about a healthy work-life balance, personal growth and advancement for both yourself and the company.

Teamwork is #1

Part of the reason for our success is the high value we put on teamwork and collaboration. One of our core beliefs is that 2 minds are greater than one; we do not believe in working in a vacuum. Daily whiteboard sessions, team collaboration, idea sharing, presentations and open communication are some of the fundamental reasons for our continued success in the industry.

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Core Hiring Principles

What do we look for at SIBERGEN? We are looking for people that are focused on the continued growth of the company, that have a real passion for technology and align with our core belief that our customers are our #1 priority. We really do go to great lengths to source out the absolute best talent in each of our verticals, and challenge our candidates with real world simulations during the hiring process. It the passion for technology, from the front end service desk all the way up to the C-level executives, that really sets SIBERGEN apart from other IT Solution Providers.


A positive and customer focused attitude is absolute key to being a part of our IT Team. With the right attidude and of course aptitiude, we can work wonders in your growth and development. With the right attitude a team can collaborate and grow at an incredible. Its that positive and team focused attitude that we look for in all new SIBERGEN recruits.


Having a true passion for IT technology is something we look for in all new recruits. With this field moving at such a fast pace, having the passion to dig deep into the technology is key. IT Technology continues to leap ahead at a blinding speed, and continues to become more complex and challenging. Having a true passion for technology really is a key to success in this field.


We continue to be impressed with the sharp minds and aptitude of new candidates we interview. Having the right aptitude really is key in this challenging and exciting field. SIBERGEN has always positioned itself as a Sr. level IT Solutions company. We hand pick our Sr. engineers to ensure that our customers benefit from the smartest and best designs.

Our Core Values

SIBERGEN is really built on our core values. Since its inception in 2012, we have worked to stand true to these and will continue to uphold these values with our existing and new customers.

  • People Over Profits
  • Constantly Strive for Quality
  • Stay 3 Steps Ahead
  • Be Human, Be Honest
  • Work Smart
  • Always Be Available
  • Work With You
  • Be The Best
  • Transparent Financials
  • Always an Honest Answer
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