Network Assessment Services

Sibergen provides comprehensive Network assessment solutions to our clients. Our service offerings give clients access to technology solutions that are designed specifically to meet their unique business needs without all the mystery, complexity, and cost.

With this service, potential issues and problems are prevented, systems and personnel remain productive and working. In the case where problems do occur, response times can often be within minutes.

Preventive and reactive maintenance

Our programs ensure that proper patches are installed and that your systems aren’t overloaded. This maintenance ensures that everything works as it should.

Network lifecycle planning & audit

Auditing network hardware and software components to proactively identify the end of life/support equipment taking immediate action for business continuity.


We ensure high compliance in the storage of sensitive company or customer information that requires constant security checks to keep data secure.

What can you expect?

Network penetration testing and identification of security vulnerabilities

Review of current security policies including physical security and access

Comprehensive scan of your firewall

Review of technology configuration with to best practices

Identification of current technical issues and their impact on the network

Ongoing managed IT services proposal

Count on SIBERGEN to manage your IT so you can focus on your business!