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To run your business and chase your passion, Microsoft office 365 is the most productive way. Office 365 has changed the entire landscape of enterprise e-mail services. The quality of this cloud-based e-mails and collaboration solution is reflect by the massive shift to Office 365 worldwide. MS 365 provides a subscription plan including access to our application and other productivity services. These services are enable on all the cloud services such as exchange online-hosted email for enterprises and Lync web conferencing. This also includes additional storage like Skype and OneDrive. Microsoft also adds a whole wealth of workplace tools including the full MS office suite, MS Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc. The evolution of cloud-based email in a non-impacting way is one of the biggest challenges. Our engineers are experts in setting up a clean hybrid co-existence with MS 365 and shifting all mailboxes up to the cloud without any downtime or interruption to your end-users.

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Whenever multiple access is need to the same mailbox, MS office 365-shared mailboxes are used. SIBERGEN Technologies has an entire team of certified experts with a real passion for cloud platforms like 365. The shared mailbox may be of company information or reception desk or some other function that might be shared by multiple people. Our team will help you meeting of all of your compliance requirements. Whatever the problem there is, we got you covered.

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Do you want to start winning with information technology? If your organization makes the right use of Microsoft solutions, then it can happen. We allow you to stay ahead of the rivalry with the up-to-date cloud solutions for your business. As MS office 365 solutions enable the partners to directly manage their Microsoft cloud consumer lifecycle, the provision, management, and support to their customer subscription increases.

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SIBERGEN Technologies help your business in selecting the right Microsoft 365 plan to manage your shift to the cloud. We can help your business move to the cloud or work alongside your IT department. We are fully encouraged and well prepared to help you create the best migration solution for your business. We can help you move to platforms like Microsoft Azure. An open cloud platform helps consumers in building up their security applications. Also, to deploy and manage those secure applications.

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At SIBERGEN Technologies, we offer industry-leading Microsoft office 365 services and MS office consulting. Other than this service, we also provide management, support services, Teams, and MS dynamics consultant assistant. We also integrate your third-party technologies such as cloud services. Get in touch with SIBERGEN Technologies MS 365 consultant services and start winning over your competitors, today!

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