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When it comes to investing in new technology, businesses often have to decide whether or not to work with an IT consultant company to help them get more out of it. Technology is becoming more integrated into business processes and the delivery of services. By leveraging our team of IT experts you can ensure that your business is operating at the optimum level to ensure the continued growth of your operation. Our IT consulting firms help you become more seamless with your competitors.

SIBERGEN gives your business a Winning Advantage

Like other companies, maybe IT is not your core business. If you aim to solve all your IT challenges internally, it will definitely become a challenging and costly task. However, with SIBERGEN Technologies as your IT project management and IT consulting company, you can achieve your core business information technology goals at less price. With SIBERGEN you can count on a highly experienced IT team to be available 24/7 to solve your technical issues and provide you with the level of service you expect.

SIBERGEN Technologies has a complete team of IT experts that specialize in designing and deploying customized IT practices that make sense for your business model. Our team of engineers has a keen interest in listening to your business requirements. Our solutions are built on your business requirements.

Throughout our history, we have helped businesses lower their IT spend and use technology to grow while keeping their company’s productivity high. We are offering free onsite site consultations to fully assess your current environment and propose a solution that makes sense for your business. We are happy to provide you as much as little help you need for your business.

We offer Round-of-clock Services for Analyzing and Monitoring the Network Operations

We at SIBERGEN Technologies focus on providing the highest quality and non-interrupted IT management consulting services that are priceless. Having many years of experience in this field, we are now a leading IT integration services providing company. With our innovative team, you will be able to stay informed on the status of your business’s IT systems 24/7.

In the digital world, we understand the importance of availability and uptime in the success of any business. An outsourced IT support team like SIBERGEN will provide you behind-the-scenes human support to your company. In addition to full IT Service Desk outsourcing, we provide centralized IT monitoring and proactive resolution of issues to ensure that your business operates at optimal capacity.


We have a rapid response team and a reliable-managed data center to make sure experts are on call to provide assistance whenever you encounter an IT issue. Our company is proud to provide IT consulting services to Florida based businesses and businesses across the United States, helping them achieve their objectives through the use of digital information technology.

We commit ourselves to provide the highest level of satisfaction and support for our clients. To assist you no matter what problem you encounter, we are available round the clock. We are now offering free consultations for Florida IT consulting services as well as consulting across the US with our network of 4000 onsite engineers. Get in touch with us and let us put your company on the path to success.

We Provide Complete IT Consulting Services tailored to your business needs.

Our company offers smart solutions that reduce your IT spending and help you get more out of the technology you already have. Our solutions include VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization along with full and hybrid cloud models. We offer Florida VMware Consulting services as well as strategic cloud-based consulting throughout the US.

Accordingly, We provide VMware consulting services to help you design and implement the latest virtual technologies for vSAN and NSX to ensure you are benefiting from the very latest technology to propel your business forward. Compared to the in-house IT support model, our IT Helpdesk Outsourcing model has the potential to save you thousands of dollars.


By deploying DRaaS and BaaS models, we are able to provide rapid failover to the cloud in the event of a disaster. With our NOC outsourcing model, we make sure your systems are monitored and protected 24/7.Moreover, you can rely on our IT Consulting services to ensure your calls get answered fast and your problems are handled professionally for maximum customer satisfaction.

SIBERGEN Has Developed Virtual Solutions and Smarter Cloud Hybrid to Digitalize Your Business

As your business continues to grow, we know there are a lot of expenses to face. Our primary goal is to lower your IT spend while generating a measurable return on your current IT investment. Utilizing cloud and virtualization technologies, we make sure your monthly IT spend stays within budget. Our designs are security-conscious and are reviewed by our onsite CISO team of engineers.

Generally, for healthcare companies, hospitals, and labs, our experts provide in-house cloud-based and virtual solutions to run your healthcare IT Services Company’s day-to-day operations efficiently. What makes our team unique is that we listen to our client’s requirements, then design and implement an IT system that ensures their business’s success. As a result, our flexible and customized IT Consulting Services approach continues to grow and expand throughout Florida and the US.

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