Our Customers

Let Us Virtualize Your Physical Infrastructure

The days of running one application per physical server are long gone, with VMware and Hyper-V solutions you can maximize every available resource on the physical server that you have purchased. One physical server can now run 20 or even 30 Virtual servers, thereby significantly reducing your physical server cost and associated maintenance. We can also design a hybrid VMware with connection into Azure or Ec2 to further reduce your TCO.

VMware Horizon For Desktop Virtualization

VMware Horizon allows for virtualization of your desktop infrastructure and is ideal for reducing your physical desktop footprint and simplifying patching and overall management. Amazon workspaces is another option that we can deploy that shifts your desktops up to the cloud. Horizon or EC2 workspaces may be the ideal fit for your business. call us today

Simplified Patch Management Solutions

Sibergen security division specializes in vulnerability and probe testing to ensure your attack surface is small. Our automated patch delivery systems leverage native WSUS with Solar Winds Patch Manager to quickly remediate any vulnerabilities in your organization

Data Center Moves

Let our team of data center coordination and move specialists assist you with planning and execution to ensure a smooth transition to your colocation or alternate datacenter. Our infrastructure team can also help design a cross data center resilient failover solution for your VMware / email or other mission critical systems.


Let Us Virtualize Your Server And Desktop Platforms And Reduce Your TCO