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Hire Award-Winning Healthcare IT Consulting Services for Your Healthcare Company

Have you expressed a desire to transform digitally your healthcare system?

Have you thought about finding a better system for managing patients, diagnosing them, treating them, and detecting disease?

If the answer to both questions is “YES” then you have found the right web page. We at SIBERGEN Technologies specialize in HealthCare IT Services. We provide innovative, fastest, and focused technology solutions to your healthcare system. Our team of experts & experienced IT professionals specializes in handling healthcare IT projects and leading them to success.

Digitalization of the Healthcare System: Why Is It Important?

Generally, the adoption of technology in the medical field is probably the most powerful one out of all benefitted sectors. The implementation of technological developments has become a matter of improving the quality of life and saving countless patients’ precious lives.

Accordingly, a true game-changer has been the digitalization of medical records performed by healthcare service partners like SIBERGEN technologies.. Now the patient records and diagnostic codes are available just one click away that have made everything simple and accessible. Healthcare IT Services in the Medical field requires a Managed IT Services company with experience and health care expertise.

How SIBERGEN Help, Organizations Build IT Solutions with Managed Healthcare IT Services?

At SIBEGEN Technologies, we understand the IT challenges that a healthcare company faces when it comes to Healthcare IT compliance and Healthcare IT Security. The experts at our firm have extensive experience deploying solutions that meet all HIPAA and HITRUST requirements to make sure your technology infrastructure is protected.

We have multiple CISO’s on staff that evaluate all solutions deployed to ensure full HIPAA and HITRUST compliance, and that your PHI is protected. We also deploy enhanced Healthcare IT security modules to safeguard the PHI data and protect it from any ransomware attacks. Our healthcare consulting IT services will help you meet the IT requirements of the current regulatory environment. Moreover, these services will reduce errors, and respond quickly to unexpected errors.

With our 14 Network operation centers across the US, we have you protected 24/7, round-the-clock proactive monitoring. We also have a full HIPAA-focused cloud division for any migrations or hybrid transitions into the cloud. The SIBERGEN Technologies team strives to address your key business needs through cost-effective and high-quality healthcare information support.

Our State-of-the-art Specialization Conclude in HIPAA and HITRUST Compliant Solutions

Due to technological trends that are rapidly changing the medical industry, medical companies are required to adhere to a wide range of regulations.

These rules are essential to protect patients’ rights and ensure quality service delivery. Healthcare professionals and medical practices have become the primary targets for cyber criminals. Our Healthcare IT Compliance division has deep expertise in protecting your data and improve operational efficiencies through automation.

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As part of our Healthcare IT consulting services, we offer Sr. compliance engineers to ensure your full protection, HIPAA, and HITRUST compliant. Our security experts who have years of experience are involved in all infrastructure planning and deployments to ensure your patient’s PHI is safeguarded. At SIBERGEN Technologies, we also design business continuity designs with immutable backups to give you rock-solid protection against ransomware.

Which Benefits You Will Enjoy By Partnering Our Managed Healthcare IT Services

If you want to remain competitive, you need to enlist the services of healthcare IT Project management professionals. Using medical technology to monitor patients ensures their safety. Besides the alerts and reminders on medications, there are diagnoses and consultation reports, as well as easier access to patient data.

When it comes to counting the benefits of our healthcare IT consulting services, the list is long. However, here are a few benefits that are reliable and in-demand in the healthcare market that will put you on top of the game. Our healthcare IT support helps you 24/7.

  • Expense reductions from all-inclusive billing
  • Several years of experience in the medical field
  • Collaborate seamlessly between your employees and teams
  • For us, nothing can be more satisfying than the satisfaction of a client.
  • Integrity and security of both your systems and your customers’ data.
  • Monitor, evaluate, and report your IT infrastructure more effectively
  • In case of a disaster or emergency, accelerate the speed of recovery of your systems and data.
  • Proven compliance solutions to protect your PHI data with our Healthcare IT Compliance solutions

The Healthcare IT sector requires individuals who have many years of experience in this field. We at SIBERGEN Technologies are proud to say we have everything you could ever require to run your healthcare business. In conclusion, The highest level of service, fast response time, and most up-to-date instruments have allowed SIBERGEN to become one of the world’s leading data centers and IT services providers.

Let Our Security Division help bring you into Compliance!