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The cloud-based enterprise software platform, Dynamics 365, is the most streamlined unified package that bundles up ERP, CRM, and HCM functionalities. The platform covers a wide variety of business processes (financial planning and reporting, customer relationship management, human resources management, and much more) under one unified platform.

In addition to hosting various business functionalities under one roof, Dynamics 365 allows users to share data across individual apps detailing the platform, thereby gaining more insights into their decision making processes. At SIBERGEN we specialize in Dynamics and have a full team of MS Dynamics experts to design and implement your shift to this exciting platform.

Proactive monitoring of your unified and scalable platform

The Dynamics 365 environment is continuously evolving and can be detailed with hundreds of applications integrated into a single unified and scalable platform. Furthermore, the applications within the Dynamics 365 portfolio can systematically share data between each other, attracting potential threats from both internal and external entities.

At SIBERGEN, we proactively monitor the operations of your unified Dynamics 365 portfolio to measure usability, detect and repair failures, as well as protect against potential threats.

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As an enterprise, choosing which Dynamics 365 apps meet your needs and objectives can be an overwhelming process. That is why we have our consulting experts at your disposal. We’re ready to help you assess the most suitable apps for your enterprise needs.

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