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SIBERGEN Technologies and Dell EMC servers

SIBERGEN Technologies are there to help you with Dell EMC servers. We are specialized in Dell server support that your organization needs. Our Server experts can guide you from the initial design and purchase to the racking and cable management deployments. With our strong partnership with DELL/EMC, we can offer you competitive pricing on both the server hardware and installations. If you need your applications to run faster, we offer you industry-leading Dell PowerEdge servers. To enhance efficiency, PowerEdge servers deliver state of art improvements. To enhance your IT investment, you will need this server and its converged architecture. Our team can provide you traditional iSCSI cluster build-outs and VSAN solutions that are hyper-converged. These Dell PowerEdge servers also provide a cloud division for any on-premises hybrid design. It also provides implementation services.

Our PowerEdge servers

To manage and optimize the size of a tower server and its network with the storage is a big task. This problem is solved by the use of the Dell EMC PowerEdge server. It is the first-ever solution designed for office work from the ground up. It brings efficiency, simplicity, and versatility to your enterprise. The PowerEdge servers ensure your business efficiency.


Improvise your business with Dell Server Support

Dell Server Support can be customized, scaled, and is versatile. Our hardware designs and build-outs leading by one of our experienced project managers to ensure the successful completion of your project. Various server and storage components are attach to the system. With the combination of all the modules and their components, we can compute, store, and use network resources to fill your business needs. This helps to scale the workloads on call and add the resources incrementally. You need to be efficient and be ready for the latest workloads.

Let us win strategies with Dell EMC

To provide the best support to you and your organization, let us team up with our Dell EMC storage. We have the best Dell PowerEdge support in the market. At SIBERGEN Technologies, we believe in the power of Dell EMC technologies and are proud to call ourselves partners with the leading business technology providers. Our strategy will help you gain a competitive advantage over your rivals and it can act as a big IT network support service.

Modular Infrastructure for high-density computing

For seamless high-density computing, customized to your specific business demands, you require a well-integrated network of servers, storage, and networking infrastructure. SIBERGEN Technologies and Dell got you covered with a series of modular infrastructure that maximizes your IT investment. Our Managed IT Services model includes all infrastructure design and implementation. We got all the support your enterprise needs. We are proud to offer a diversity of Dell solutions such as Dell premier support. We have a team of professionals to help with the deployment of the project. Our team is fill with friendly and professional people to help you implement strategies for effective IT solutions.

Development of Dell Server Rack

Dell server rack of the latest PowerEdge is a converged solution. It has a compact 2U enclosure. This has many configuration options. This server has a good selection of scalable compute blocks. It has a PCI expansion as well but it is optional. This uses many tools for management and server images shared with blade models and equivalent racks. This rack has input-output aggregation and optional fiber channel convergence. Even with a single framework management control, this is super effective.

The configuration of your Dell servers

We provide quality performance and the reliability of Dell configured servers for today’s enterprises. The Dell PowerEdge server can provide vital IT project services with its excellent energy efficiency and performance. We provide a wide range of configured Dell servers. The Dell server configuration is very helpful when deploying a large number of servers. This is done in a short time. It is repeatable and scalable with consistent results. These configurations services let you choose the best service combination for your enterprise. The PowerEdge server provides services like reporting, system image, and card replacement. It also allows custom asset tagging. The benefits of using PowerEdge include the easy way to receive new servers from the factory. Dell EMC can engineer and deploy your customized rack into technology with the help of experts. You can save time and money by using PowerEdge servers. It let you choose the combination of the service to fit your needs.

We can help you understand your options

We understand that choosing servers, data center infrastructure, and modular infrastructure can be a challenging decision to make. That is why we have our IT project services at your disposal, where you can consult with our team of IT experts on the most viable options for your enterprise. We offer free initial consultations for all new clients.


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