SIBERGEN Is Giving Back to the Community

Because of COVID-19, we know that many small businesses are being hit the hardest and struggling to adjust to the challenges of teleworking. That’s why we’re here to help with our Small Business Teleworking Video Series. In it, we go over the essentials that small businesses need to succeed while working from home. Our IT engineers will provide recommendations for the best teleworking software as well as answer common IT questions. And if you’re a small business owner or IT manager who needs more assistance, you can schedule a teleworking consultation free of charge..

In our first video, we’ll address the five teleworking goals that every small business should have:

  1. Find a trusted cloud service provider
  2. Establish information security
  3. Prepare for IT issues with help desk support
  4. Track key metrics for business success
  5. Stay on top of IT trends

For information on how to protect yourself during COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website: