Moving to Sibergen CloudTalk VoIP is simple and fast without interruptions to your business

Whether you are looking to move your telephone system to the cloud, or are already on a cloud-based VoIP service, moving to Sibergen CloudTalk VoIP is simple and fast without interruptions to your business.VoIP should be simple and functional – work from anywhere…anytime, without downtime. Select from dozens of devices or simply use your own computer, tablet or smartphone. You choose – Sibergen CloudTalk makes it work.

Moving to Sibergen CloudTalk VoIP is easy

Seamless.  Fast.  No disruption.  No mistakes.  Easy.  With over 20 years of experience in number portability , Sibergen will handle the transition to CloudTalk VoIP without disruption to your business.  Keep your numbers – Sibergen can port 95% of all phone numbers within the U.S.

Custom VoIP transition experience

At Sibergen, you don’t have to be a do-it-yourself or telephone expert.  Sibergen has experts who will provide a ‘white glove’ experience – an assigned project manager will gather the information on your phone system requirements and setup your new CloudTalk VoIP service exactly as you need it – you don’t have to fill out complicated forms, learn confusing telephone terminology or risk making a mistake that could adversely affect your business.

Manage your own phone service

Sibergen will help you manage your CloudTalk VoIP system for you – many customers do not have staff to deal with phone issues or managed their VoIP service – no problem – Sibergen support is free! But for those who wish to manage their own VoIP, Sibergen CloudTalk offers a variety of tools to help them to do so: User Portal – access your own personal VoIP service or manage the setup for all of your users Reporting – get access to phone reports that will help you manage your business and users

What can you expect?

Service Quality – To offer the best in call quality, we cannot simply sell VoIP as our competition does. We must go beyond that to address the underlying issues that affect call quality

Efficiency – CloudTalk VoIP integrates with a variety of CRM’s such as and Zoho so that you can increase efficiency and reach more customers!

Contact Center – Cloud-based Contact Centers such as our CloudTalk VoIP will help you manage calls to and from your customers – routing them to the right person quickly and efficiently every time

Mobility – CloudTalk VoIP allows you to choose from a variety of standard desktop IP phones, or use your computer, tablet or smartphone. Work from the office, at home, from your car or on the run

Phones/Applications – Use one of over dozens of approved phones or applications to use your Sibergen CloudTalk VoIP service from anywhere in the world

Count on SIBERGEN to manage your IT so you can focus on your business!