The cloud is the future

Manage, store, analyze, develop, and maintain various utilities with our cloud computing solutions

Before the advent of cloud computing services, data-related functionalities and management of utilities such as applications and hosting were done from a company’s on-premise servers.

Principally, the traditional approach requires that a company expands its IT infrastructure in proportion to rising operational demands. Furthermore, for every hardware and software application implemented into an enterprise structure, there is an additional need to hire the right expertise to maintain and upgrade the infrastructure.

Thanks to the cloud, you can now offload all your the pain points of managing and storing data, developing and maintaining utilities such as applications and hosting platforms, and more to a managed cloud services provider partner.

Cloud IT Services

Enjoy great flexibility with our cloud services

Access your documents, data, and different utilities and get to work regardless of your location. Furthermore, your team can efficiently collaborate on various tasks from the comfort of their locations since our cloud infrastructure enables users to share and work on different files and data simultaneously.

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Our cloud services are a durable investment for disaster recovery

At SIBERGEN, we leverage cloud technologies and virtualization as much as possible to maximize your ROI and drive down your overall costs. When it comes to disaster recovery, leveraging a secure cloud repository makes sense for most of our customers.

We can even dial back a recovery to 30 seconds prior to an attack to ensure the business is back online fast and not down for hours or weeks in the case of a Ransomware attack.

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