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Understanding Concept of RingCentral with us!

We provide you with video conferencing, fax, text, online meeting, and collaboration capabilities services. All these services provide offers within a single platform and they use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to provide not only routing calls but also phone services. SIBERGEN Technologies provide plans that are above the entry-level essentials include automatic attendant, MS 365, slack, and others. RingCentral provides enhanced outbound, digital and inbound communication.

We have call log reports to keep the productivity in check and the high-definition voice quality that Ethernet does not offer. Government agencies, contract tracers, nonprofit organizations have given specific services and solutions by our RingCentral. This is one intuitive platform for voice, video meetings, team messaging and collaboration, and a contact center.

IT support services

Plans available for RingCentral customers:

As RingCentral provides many add-on services, there are various plans available for each. This service allows seamless transitions between video meetings and team messages on any device. There are four major plans namely essentials, standard, premium, and ultimate. In the essential plan, all the group members can easily share documents. This is the best plan for teams of 10 or fewer users. The essential plan is the least expensive and you will get basic calling capabilities. The standard business plan, allows 100 users to interconnect with each other. The meeting duration is 24 hours and the customers do not have to worry about any limitations. MS office and slack integrations improve the productivity of a team. It is a bit expensive than the standard plan. In premium plans, automatic call recordings, real-time analysis give insights into your business employees. In the ultimate plan, IT admins can manage and gain insights into the phone systems with the reports and notification of the device status. It is the most expensive plan.

Enhance your business experience with RingCentral meetings:

To boost your business efficiency and to increase the engagement of customers, your need for RingCentral is greater than ever. It is very cheap and is not time-consuming. RingCentral meeting applications work on all systems such as PC, Android, IOS, and MAC. RingCentral provides VoIP services to everyone with an internet connection. Some of the key features of RingCentral meeting may include hosting a meeting with up to 500 members, can connect anyone from computers to smart devices, unlimited Audio/Video calls and screen sharing, advanced annotations tools, incorporate directly with MS outlook, chatting with a group of people, breakout sessions, polling, and in-meeting host controls. The requirements of RingCentral meeting include a sharp and fast working operating system, Broadband internet, webcam, speaker, microphone, and better 3G and 4G connections.

Let us Fax your computer with RingCentral:

The fax was used in the past for peer-to-peer document sharing in every field. Every business had one fax machine in the past. However, with the change and advancement in technology, fax also advanced. To send a fax over the internet using laptops and devices, RingCentral was formed. RingCentral Fax is an online fax service that provides millions of companies to send a fax over the internet worldwide. With the advancement in technology and the uprising of Cloud PBX, everything has moved to online platforms. RingCentral Fax is a simple and convenient way to fax from your system. It is by adding the customer’s phone number and attaching the document the client wants to fax. It transfers from one system to other easily. RingCentral fax works in different ways such as sending a fax using the RingCentral account, sending a fax using RingCentral application, fax through email, and printer.

SIBERGEN technologies and our RingCentral support:

Our RingCentral support is always available. You can contact our team whenever you have an internet connection. Even in some rare cases, your phone call is not answered RingCentral support automatically diverts your call to someone else available for your query to be answered. Thus, any team member in any location can answer calls from the same department. We increase your productivity on a global scale by bringing the entire team together. Our local numbers free global extension-to-extension dialing and inbounding calling makes us the best on market. . Our RingCentral support has a dedicated Technical Account Manager and Customer Success Manager to help with implementation, along with 24/7 support. Experience the efficiency and convenience of having one comprehensive solution.

RingCentral phone number and its effectiveness:

There are different types and plans of RingCentral phone numbers. All these plans have their ratings and cost. These spectrum VoIP services cause international numbers, local or toll-free numbers, and vanity numbers that are available at extra fees. Experts are proactively monitoring and optimizing our platform 24/7/365, ensuring service remains at the highest level possible, with available 99.999% uptime SLA. Geographically dispersed data centers and rigorous security processes effectively shield you from system failure due to operational errors, cybercrime, and even natural disasters.

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