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Cloud PBX system is an expensive phone system option for your business. SIBERGEN technologies provide a Cloud PBX service that offers a wide selection of valuable features. It provides consistent service. For virtual PBX a good internet connection is essential. In recent years, cloud-hosted PBX phone systems have become very common. We have all the features and tools your enterprise needs to install and maintain the equipment for skype for business cloud PBX. However, a system that needs to have an internet connection all the time is not ideal. That is why it is essential to have proper knowledge about PBX.

One of the best phone systems on the market

The phone system PBX is known as a private branch exchange that is a business-level telephone system. This system enables communication within and outside your organization.

In this phone system, services like call conferencing, business-hours settings, extensive dialing, and customer waiting for queries are included. The PBX system is known as PBX hosted or virtual. It provides complete access to the internet. The host of PBX monitors all software and data in the cloud.

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IT solutions according to your enterprise’s needs

Traditional office telephone systems offer little to no flexibility. They not only demand frequent upgrades of the physical infrastructure and routine maintenance but also provide only voice communication options. Our team offers such a system where your business is scalable and can withstand multiple functionalities. Your enterprise’s presence can extend to the physical needs of your office. The non-technical administrator of your business can create global telecommunication networks as well as local and nationwide. We are here to manage, install, and support your PBX solutions. We use Ring Central to provide ease with voice, conferencing, and much more. We take care of your maintenance, infrastructure, and upgrades.

The demand for Virtual PBX over digital

Though digital and cloud PBX phone systems are alike in many ways. The only difference is in the location of the equipment and their maintenance. Their costs are also very different from one another. The phone systems have PBX equipment hosted in a large hardware unit. It is stored on-site. However, on-premises systems are extremely costly. For a special storage facility, on-premises can be very costly. It also provides skype for business cloud PBX. They all are monitored using a PBX switchboard. This board connects a facilitated call and control many phone system features. All the functionalities of Cloud PBX are taken to the digital system. It is placed in a virtual space. Thus, the need for hardware and other equipment is eliminated. PBX systems are easier to use and are not heavy.

Working of Microsoft Cloud PBX

Microsoft Cloud PBX is an internet phone system that provides PBX hosting equipment and many IT services including call waiting and voicemail. The system can be managed by a call flow that is a collection of features and regulations given to a specific number. As we all know, all software and data of a cloud PBX system are stored in the cloud. It facilitates all the phone services and allows different features. Our Microsoft cloud PBX services are available for the entire time. They are 24/7 services.

The main feature of Virtual PBX

The virtual PBX provides many services and has many unique features. One of them is call flow. It let you manage your calls and their routes. You can control these calls to come in and out of your main business phone lines. This is very essential as you get to set your specific timings for your phone calls. SIBERGEN Technologies provide you customized PBX solutions hosted for your enterprise. It is very vital as it let you manage your business phone lines and you get to control their flow in your system. The PBX solutions built, delivered, and managed by a service provider. This service provider is a third party. It can be accessed entirely through the internet. Thus, Cloud PBX provides a secure and trustworthy business phone system through the internet.

Essential features of our Cloud PBX

  • Mobility functionalities: Hosted PBX providers let your users receive or place calls from multiple devices while leveraging the same phone number. By using the Phone system PBX, you can know the location of your device as long as they have an internet connection.
  • AI capabilities: Virtual Attendant (IVR), Voicemail Transcription, Natural Language Processing, and Sentiment Analysis are just some of the few artificial intelligence capabilities of the hosted PBX providers that can help you understand your callers more in regards to their queries.
  • Team collaboration tools: We introduce into your unified communications systems ways to communicate and manage work as a team through a series of team collaboration features such as group calling and more. When PBX converts the analog signals into digital, it directs the call to the VoIP PBX service provider. It is sent to VoIP PBX to manage the initiation and termination of calls.
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