Cloud Migration

We specialize in cloud migration to Azure and AWS. We ensure that your move to the cloud is well planned and executed without any downtime or impact.

We’re taking care of your cloud migration project! You want a smooth, secured, thoroughly prepared and well-documented transition along with following a structured methodology to assess the feasibility of migrating an application to the Cloud.

Trusted partner with major cloud solutions

We partner with major cloud services providers like AWS, Azure and Google cloud to provide scalable and future-ready cloud solutions.

End to End Migration services

We support End-to-End migrations including workloads, integrations, network and infrastructure.

Test, transition and sign-off

The Migration implementation is tested at different stages, and subjected to a pre-defined and agreed upon testing by our teams and users. On successful testing, the transition plan gets into play and project sign-off is done once the Application is successfully migrated to the Cloud.

What can you expect?

Enabling business agility and adaptation

Ensuring integrated, end-to-end “hybrid” IT service delivery and management

Get tailored architecture and design consulting

Workload performance assessment across relevant geographies

Storage, disaster recovery and business continuity implications

Assessment for best-fit Service Provider for Public Clouds

Count on SIBERGEN to manage your IT so you can focus on your business!