Healthcare IT: Keeping pace with business innovation


Healthcare and Cloud: The Challenge of Agility

The speed of change in healthcare – ever pushing to improve outcomes for patients – drives IT departments to pull their weight on the innovation team. New technologies demand agility from public cloud platforms. New responsibilities demand the resilience of rapid Disaster Recovery. And, new opportunities demand growth.

Unlike many industries, healthcare operations are tightly regulated:

  • Those interacting with patient information are bound by HIPAA
  • International firms comply with EU-U.S. Safe Harbor (now EU-U.S. Privacy Shield)
  • Those processing financial data may have additional rules, including PCI-DSS

While you know how to ace an on-premise audit, cloud introduces new concerns.

What if cloud exceeded your HIPAA requirements?

Sibergen Secure Cloud℠ – our public cloud and disaster recovery platform –  has it all baked in: