Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Risking critical data and application loss can greatly affect a company’s bottom line. That’s why it’s best to be prepared with a suitable plan. Cloud Backup protects your business applications or important files on your website and enables you to quickly return to regular business operations by rapidly restoring files and applications in the event of loss or failure. We provide backup solutions for you that are completely cloud-integrated.

Cost Saving

Smart business owners saw the advantage of offsite storage but most small and medium businesses simply couldn’t afford it.  But the price is no longer a problem. With our cloud storage solutions, you can save a major chunk of expenses in backup & DR infrastructures.


As your business grows, your backup storage increases and cloud-based backup increasing or decreasing your storage capacity has never easier.


Legacy backups are prone to damage, theft or disaster.  Sibergen’s Online cloud backup solutions store your data across the globe through redundant, encrypted and secure technologies

What can you expect?

Data encrypted to global standards

Testing and monitoring available

Rapid Setup - No costly investment is required to get started and setup is quick and simple

24*7 Monitoring – Our team proactively monitor your backup to ensure your data is never compromised

Low Maintenance – After initial configuration,cloud backups require minimal ongoing maintenance

Count on SIBERGEN to manage your IT so you can focus on your business!