Why do we need Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute?

Microsoft Azure - Express Route

You are an IT Pro and with your custom-built hybrid environment, you’re used to make the Impossible, Possible. Lightning fast wrap-up times, amazing flexibility, Enterprise-grade security and savings to boot. As private as you’ve made your hybrid environment, couldn’t it be a little more “Private”? With Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, you get our own private connection…


The Internet of Things

Internet of Things

“What is Internet Of things “may be the obvious first question that pops up into the mind of a person at first glance, when one is about to read an article on it or planning to run a research on the topic. The answer is pretty straight forward. One can directly derive the meaning of…


The Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Storage has made a name for itself in this past decade as one of the most efficient and reliable services used to maintain, manage and back up data remotely. In this modern age even the simplest of tasks have found themselves dependent on technology; so, it is expected that an enormous range of corporations,…


How Does AWS Compare To The Azure Offering


With cloud adoption increasing exponentially, more and more IT businesses are lured with its features and future-ready offerings like computing services, storage, databases, networking and other analytics services. As cloud computing services comes with basically three models of deployment i.e. Public cloud, Private cloud and Hybrid cloud, we now have many major providers in the…


What is vSAN Technology and why do you need it?

VSAN Technology

With rapidly growing virtualization and hyperconvergence, VSAN has made its place amongst infrastructure architects for designing cost-effective and scalable storage solutions. VSAN is basically a collection of ports from the set of connected FCS (Fibre Channel Switches), that forms a virtual fabric. In this structure, we use a portion of the physical storage area network…


Benefits of moving to a hyper-converged infrastructure

Hyper Convergence Infrastructure

Hyper-convergence IT framework combines compute, storage and network in a software-driven appliance thus reducing datacenter complexity and also provides increased scalability. The hyper-converged platform basically includes below components : Hypervisor Software-defined storage Virtual network This framework also supports clustered setup to create shared pools of resources for efficient utilization. The bundled structure of hyperconverged IT…


Ransomware, the new age malware which is affecting computers all over the globe by locking the files on the system using its own encryption and then demanding “ransom” payment (through crypto-currencies like Bitcoin).

Ransomware Attack

  Unlike other malware, the motive of ransomware isn’t hacking your data. The attackers notify the victims of the malware attack and provide instructions on making the ransom payment and then unlock the computer’s data. The malware mostly enters the system through email attachments, unsafe websites or hidden in infected software and applications. Recent variants…


How the IT industry has changed with IaaS cloud services and why companies should consider moving to the cloud

IT Industries

  As we know, setting up a traditional IT infrastructure involves purchasing hardware equipment, software and licenses and also need maintenance along with daily operation costs. Now, the cloud services with IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are changing this model to a more setup friendly, scalable and cost-effective business with literally no costs for equipment and…