How Does AWS Compare To The Azure Offering

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With cloud adoption increasing exponentially, more and more IT businesses are lured with its features and future-ready offerings like computing services, storage, databases, networking and other analytics services.

As cloud computing services comes with basically three models of deployment i.e. Public cloud, Private cloud and Hybrid cloud, we now have many major providers in the market offering all these three kinds of deployment services with lots of add-on features in the cloud domain.

One of the most common discussion in the cloud market today is the AWS and Azure comparison. So, we will discuss some of the key offerings and features of both providers compared on various parameters.

Both AWS and Azure are slightly aimed at a different set of customers in the same business domain. While both the providers offer basic enterprise services, the AWS has compute, storage, database and networking as key offerings. Whereas, Azure offers both cloud and data analytics services on a real-time processing basis.

Here are few areas where we can compare the services by AWS and Azure :


AWS offers a temporary storage that works along with the server and works like a cool storage which is available only till the server is functioning and is destroyed along with the server. It also offers Amazon Glacier as an archive storage service with S3.

MS Azure uses Blobs, containers, queues and tables for storing data and can be selected as per the service requirements. It also offers hybrid storage services which can be implemented for all kinds of infrastructures.

2.Database :

AWS only supports NoSQL and relational data along with Big Data whereas MS Azure supports SQL, NoSQL, relational databases, and Big Data.

3.Compute :

AWS has computer services as its main offerings with EC2 consisting EC2 container service, Lambda and AWS autoscaling.

Azure compute services include its virtual machines as the backbone attached to various services like resource manager and other cloud applications.

4.Networking :

AWS has Virtual Private Cloud to allow users to group VMs into completely isolated networks in the cloud using private IP ranges, network topologies, and subnets.

Azure’s virtual network also has similar features with advanced solutions to extend your on-premise infrastructure to cloud.

5.Security :

Amazon offers more privacy and control over your data along with meeting all compliance requirements and keeping your data safe on the cloud.

MS Azure splits the security into different layers of data, application, host, network and physical protecting the infrastructure from all kinds of vulnerabilities. Azure allows user to control and manages user access and identity and also offers protection from threats with secured networks.

6.Pricing :

Comparing the prices of both providers can be difficult based on various services and wide range of offerings along with introductory offers and discounts for new customers, AWS is certainly not going to be the cheaper option based on different scenarios, Azure leads the race in pricing because of the add-on applications and services provided along with the package.

7.Customer Reach

Microsoft Azure has a less customer base as compared to AWS in the current market, maybe because of later entry in the cloud business, It still holds many major IT clients on its clientele, AWS is running a steady race in establishing its base in the cloud market with reliable services.

In the current cloud services domain, AWS is clearly leading the industry, while Azure is closely competing with AWS with just lacking the impact AWS has already made in the cloud business.

So, in this article we have highlighted key benefits of both Aws and Azure cloud service offerings, we can conclude that Aws being a known stable and reliable choice with a wide range of services, against Azure by Microsoft which also has enterprise products like Windows server, MS SQL, Sharepoint and VS.Net, the decision will not be easy for any Cloud infrastructure consultant.

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