Automated Patching

Today, users require access to the Internet for many of the tasks they do each day from ordering supplies to social media marketing. At the same time new security vulnerabilities are frequently being discovered in Operations Systems and business applications.

A solid patch management solution should be a top priority for your business. We leverage RMM solutions to deliver effective patch remediation with an advanced reporting dashboard.

Patch Management Saves Time

Reducing the amount of time required to analyze, prepare, test and deploy critical software and hardware patches

IT always updated with latest features !

Patches can contain new features, adding new functionality or extending support for additional platforms. For organizations, this often translates into opportunities to improve or extend their services.

Improves the Security of Endpoints

Patching software and hardware through the automated patching process ensures that these vulnerabilities are taking care of, preventing future attacks from malware and other vectors.

What can you expect?

Automated workstation and server patching.

Patch compliance reporting and monitoring provided on scheduled basis.

Patch alerts/notifications & reporting

Upgrade insight and object change report

Automate your entire change management cycle

Count on SIBERGEN to manage your IT so you can focus on your business!